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Last Doorway Productions
has been running events around the bay area and beyond for the past 6 years.
From Zombie Proms to Film Festivals they try they're best to keep horror alive in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

A Nightmare to Remember International Horror Film Festival

shows 20 minute and under Horror shorts. We have guests, prizes, Raffle for the audience, awards for the top three films and the first 20 people in line get a blood bag filled with goodies!!! Hosted by Horror Hostess Miss Misery, she guarantees to bring you a Nightmare to Remember!
A Nightmare to Remember started in 2008 by last Doorway Production owners Reyna Young and John Gillette. Focusing on 20 minute and under horror shorts by local film makers, soon they were receiving films from around the world!
The festival surrounds itself with helping promote Independent horror film makers get the word our about they're films. Promoting them all year long even after the festival has ended.
Each year the judges choose films with unique styles, comedy and anything bloody and dramatic. They choose a selection of films they know the audience will sit back and enjoy.
We also love to give stuff away; the first 20 people in line always receive a blood bag filled with goodies and a free raffle ticket to win a prize at the end of the show from our amazing sponsors.
We also have a guest of honor and a horror achievement award winner every year to say thank you to them for keeping horror alive


is the convention dedicated to the independent horror artist. Behind it are Horror Host Miss Misery, horror author/publisher Nicholas Grabowsky's Black Bed Sheet Books, and a team of dedicated horror sponsors, enthusiasts, and remarkable independent talent. Located in the heart of California's Capitol and incorporating exciting landmarks such as Old Town, the American River and the famous K Street Mall, Days of Terror will showcase events, movies, a remarkable assortment of exciting celebrities, signings, readings, music, activities, all surrounding horror in the entire independent creative/entertainment spectrum! Join the fun, live the DAYS OF TERROR experience!

First Saturday of every month join Miss Misery at the Clay Theater in San Francisco for guests, raffle and prizes, and great horror films like Night of The Living Dead, Black Devil Doll and much more...
Bringing back the late night horror shows Miss Misery wish's to bring those horror lovers together in one place to have a good time, network and come together to share they're love of HORROR!!!!

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Zombie Proms

Enjoy some brains and Metal Music
Dress up a dance the night away at one of our head banging metal Zombie Proms
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