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Matthew Saliba's Frankenstein Unlimited
Dark Lotus

Dark Lotus
I must say what a great idea to put a bunch of films together and add the blend of Frankenstein in them. I enjoyed this DVD so much I watched it twice.
I think it was more of the fact that Mathew Saliba had a great set of Directors on the dvd.
Let me start by saying that Mathew Saliba always puts something out that I can enjoy and he has great taste in music. His telling a story with pictures is fascinating and haunting. He truly can get the emotions of the actors with stills. Brilliant! Another great film by Mathew, I cannot wait for the next one.

was an experience I had to see twice, good camera angles made the film and the café scene was well done when everyone freezes.

Flesh For Kung Fu

Flesh For Kung Fu
was interesting to watch. I enjoy a good Kung Fu flick so when I saw this one I was really impressed by not only the Martial Arts but the quick camera angles and the meaning to the story. Very cool!

Maude Michaud’s short film of “beauty can get you nowhere” was a great tale of a young girl whose deformed face was changed by surgery only to reveal that her hot side was also her dark side. Loved the performances in the film and the main actress was good showing her emotions both ugly and beautiful. Beautifully done! Proud to see a female filmmaker on the disc! I want to see more from her.

Occams Razor

Occams Razor
was a puzzle slowly coming together, I enjoyed the story working its way slowly to unravel what it was all about. The telling of the back story was really cool to find out what the characters were all about and why they were the way they were. Sick and twisted, I love it!

Mr. Fluffenstein
I really enjoyed it was creative and funny and although the acting wasn’t that good I think that’s what they were going for but it meshed in very well. The little girl in the film was so cute she made me want to buy a cat.
There you have it, Frankenstein Unlimited, now get yourself a copy! It’s worth it….

Mr. Fluffenstein
Review by Miss Misery Nov, 2010

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