A Scream in the Night
An anthology of horror stories

Last Doorway Productions and Black Bed Sheet Books celebrate Women in Horror Month, by partnering to bring a chilling, all-female horror anthology.

Miss Misery, Reyna Young has brought together 13 stories bound to elicit the piercing shriek’s women in cinema are known for. Make no mistake, however…these hard-hitting horror gems prove the ‘softer sex’ can bring the punishment, too!
Award-winning editor Suzie Lockhart joins this terrifying team, ensuring there will be no sleep tonight.
A requirement for all horror-obsessed readers; those who love to read under a blanket with flashlight in hand. This mixture of scares, things that go bump in the night and shocking twists will leave you screaming for more.
Stay tuned for ‘A SCREAM IN THE NIGHT’ to be released soon through Black Bed Sheet Books. Release date, signings, and chilling mix of authors to be announced soon.

The Boogeyman himself found these stories, “a frightening appetite of scares, fun and fear.”

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